Story and mission statement

Having visited many restaurants in the UK, the Pamson family have realised the need for an eatery which delivers the authentic taste of the subcontinent. Originally from Kunri – a town famous for its spices, they have a keen understanding of what good sub-continental food should taste like. Sain Rowti Wala joined the Pamson team to help them achieve their goal in providing the most authentic Pakistani food experience and together they strive to ensure the highest standards for preparation are met. The unique interior, excellent customer service and relaxing environment all contribute to making this an unforgettable experience for their customers.

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Chef Erik Niel


Sain Rowti Wala


Chef Sain Rowti Wala

The famous Sain Rowti Wala is originally from the sub-continent, having now settled in the UK. He has over 25 years of cooking experience. His aim is simple, to deliver the authentic sub-continental taste to the people of the United Kingdom. He has worked at different restaurants around the UK for a number of years, before starting his own catering business. His journey started with a thought from the Almighty, and he started delivering homemade rotis and curries to university students in Nottingham on his bicycle. His food was loved by the people, and he then progressed on to managing party and wedding events. He is starting a new journey with Pamson with an aim to deliver that same authentic sub-continental taste every time.